About me

I started my photography journey back in 1979 whilst on a YTS day release to the Open Eye in Liverpool. They gave us a Pentax ME Super and a roll of B&W film and sent us off around the city. That was me hooked. Ive had many cameras over the years but my Canon 60D is my baby, although not full frame, ive never wanted to change.....

My passion is long exposure and using light to paint and fireworks for dramatic exposures.

In 1992 whilst doing my degree in Youth & Community Work I met an artist by the name of John Skully who introduced me to the world of Graffiti. I began using it to work with hard to reach young people.

Over the years ive painted many pieces but still don't consider my self to be a Graffiti artist in the true sense.

In 2010 I left the Youth Service and set up a Community Interest Company that laid the foundation for Uthink PDP of which I am still a director of, doing some amazing work around the country with other artists as well as setting up a Housing Association to house some of our most in need.

Image Gary Pate
Image Graff artist Gary Pate